Mantra Healing


Detail of services

By the grace of Lord Shree Ghantakaran Mahavir Ji, A spiritual mantra healer “Sanjay Lodha Jain" heals anything an everything ! 

Nobody know when problem comes but if you in touch with mantra healer then you are free from problems as well as you have a power to fight the problems like disease, paranormal situations, business downfall, children problems, unusual losses or marriage issues. We are with you always.  Certified courses available.


How to Order

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You can call us to discuss the matter in detail.

Charges:  Rs.36500 onwards {variable} 

Spritual Healing Video

 The words and alphabets of mantra travel through phone into the listener's ears… They go inside their body and into that organ for which that specific mantra is meant to heal… For study related healing, the words enter inside a body…form a white light and reach the brain. They affect the nerves of the brain and lighten them up… Thus enlightening you ! 

Case Study (Here is history of some cases)


 Evil spirits affected a certain girl. Her life became miserable. She lost interest in studies, became very irritable and was faced with a lot of other problems. But after 1, 1/2 months of constant spiritual working now she is free of all evil spirits and is very happy. In this spiritual working no medicines or herbs are used. It is based on pure Mantra enchanting and our spiritual powers. Presence of the person on whom mantra healing is to be done is not necessary.


 A boy of the age of 20-22 yrs who was an engineering student had a severe backache, he could not sleep straight nor could he sit continuously to study and this was affecting his studies. We gave him our spiritual healing and after 01 month he was cured of his backache. Now he is in perfect health with no problems & completed the studies. 


 Recently a boy came to me who had not eaten for past 6-7 days, the platelet’s count was mere 15900 when it should be at least 1.5 lakhs. Doctors had asked him to get admitted in the hospital. We started our Vedic mantra healing on him and he had not to be hospitalized. 


Next day when he came again at our center, he appeared quite fresh. In his own words he said ‘I have eaten food after 7 days’. We performed healing continuously for 2-3 days and after 5th day when he had his check-up done his platelet’s count was 2.15 lakhs.


 A person named Raju called from Chindwada, he said that his mother was suffering from evil effects and was behaving strangely. We asked him not to disconnect the phone and keep it near his mother. We started “mantra healing” from here itself and within 10-15 minutes his mother became normal.